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As the Saga continues - she steps outside of the box to challenge country’s usually strict moral codes and cultural customs. Saga B hails from Iceland, which has a population of 350k, and where anything involving explicit content or nudity is considered highly disrespectful and taboo. Moreover strip clubs are also banned in the country. But that hasn’t stopped the artist from boldly stepping up to the plate with a super sexy video shot in a Champagne Club in the country’s capital city, Reykjavík, for the brand new single.
All of this gives us the measure of Saga B’s passion and ambition for her craft, as well as her love of the game. Through her explicit lyrics, dynamic rap verses, and fearless performances, Saga B makes it known that, when it comes to her music and the image she wants to project, she is in charge. The artist’s sexual freedom, ability to switch flow in the middle of a verse, and fun wordplay are all commendable elements of “Bottle Service”.

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Aim to become the best Version of your self and take your best shot every day, if you miss, take another shot.

Saga B