A Creative Presence

Saga B full name is Berglind Saga Bjarnadóttir, she is a reputable Artist who began her exciting musical voyage of artistic discovery in 2020. Since then she has arrived to experiment sound exploration to shape the signature sound that echoes with the inspiration from she grew up listening to. In the music world, there’s no standing still. You must constantly strive to evolve  with the purpose of offering something unique to devoted fans and followers. She finds inspiration wherever she looks and channels whatever moves her into the music she makes.
Saga B Grew up in a small town Im Iceland Called Hafnarfjörður , When growing up Berglind had big dreams of becoming an Artist and singing has been her passion from early Stages of her childhood.
When growing up  she was influenced by HipHop, R&B , EDM & Pop and Reggaeton, her music is a genre of Its own and she does not follow any rules and takes her own apporach in her craft.
Saga B is 100% independant and she is a Boss !